Jimmy Bagley

Jimmy Bagley

Phone: (415) 338-3363
Email: jrbagley@sfsu.edu
Location: Gym 139

Dr. Jimmy Bagley is an Associate Professor of Kinesiology and Director of the Muscle Physiology Lab, Co-Director of the Exercise Physiology Lab, and Research Director of the Strength and Conditioning Lab at SF State. Dr. Bagley has published over 100 peer-reviewed scientific articles, abstracts, and book chapters in the fields of muscle physiology, sport/exercise performance, and health technology (including virtual/augmented reality exercise). He collaborates with researchers from around the world with the overarching goal: to better understand human performance. Dr. Bagley’s research has been featured in popular media outlets, such as the Discovery Channel, CNN, Women’s Health, Men’s Health, Runner’s World, and NHK Japan.

Dr. Bagley earned his PhD in Human Bioenergetics from Ball State University, MS in Kinesiology from Cal State University-Fullerton, and BS in Kinesiology from Cal Poly (San Luis Obispo). He is an active member of the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), American Physiological Society (APS), and National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA). Follow him on Instagram/Twitter: @MusclePhysLab

Website(s): Muscle Physiology Lab

Selected Publications

Muscle Physiology

  • Bagley JR, Burghardt KJ, McManus R, Howlett B, Costa PB, Coburn JW, Arevalo JA, Malek MH, and AJ Galpin (2020). Epigenetic responses to acute resistance exercise in trained vs sedentary men. Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research, 34(6):1574-1580 PubMed: 32459413
  • Bathgate KE, Bagley JR, Jo E, Talmadge RJ, Tobias IS, Brown LE, Coburn JW, Arevalo JA, Segal NL, and AJ Galpin (2018). Muscle health and performance in monozygotic twins with 30 years of discordant exercise habits.European Journal of Applied Physiology, 118(10), 2097-2110 PubMed: 30006671
  • Tobias IS, Lazauskas KK, Arevalo JA, Bagley JR, Brown LE, and AJ Galpin (2018). Fiber type-specific analysis of AMPK isoforms in human skeletal muscle: advancement in methods via capillary nano-immunoassay. Journal ofApplied Physiology, 124(4), 840-849 PubMed: 29357518
  • Bagley JR, McLeland KA, Arevalo JA, Brown LE, Coburn JW and AJ Galpin (2017). Skeletal muscle fatigability and myosin heavy chain fiber type in resistance trained men. Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research, 31(3), 602-607 PubMed: 27984439Murach KA and JR Bagley (2016). Skeletal muscle hypertrophy with concurrent exercise training: contrary evidence for an interference effect. Sports Medicine, 48 (8), 1029-39 PubMed: 26932769

Sport & Exercise Performance 

  • Grosicki GJ, Durk RP, and JR Bagley (2020). Rapid gut microbiome changes in a world-class ultramarathon runner. Physiological Reports. 7(24) PubMed: 31872558
  • Durk RP, Castillo E, Márquez-Magaña L, Grosicki GJ, Bolter ND, Lee CM, and JR Bagley (2019). Relationship between cardiorespiratory fitness and relative gut microbiota composition in healthy adults. International Journal of Sport Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism, 29(3): 249-253 PubMed: 29989465
  • Judelson DA, Bagley JR, Schumacher JM, and LD Wiersma (2015). Cardiovascular and perceptual responses to an ultra-endurance channel swim: a case study. Wilderness and Environmental Medicine, 26 (3) 359-365 PubMed: 25819111

Health Technology

  • Lorenz KA, Yeshurun S, Aziz R, Ortiz-Delatorre J, Bagley JR, Mor M, and M Kern (2021). A handheld metabolic device (Lumen®) to measure fuel utilization in healthy young adults: device validation study. Interactive Journal of Medical Research. 10(2): e25371. PubMed: 33870899
  • Hood KM, Marr C, Kirk-Sorrow J, Farmer J, Lee CM, Kern M, and JR Bagley (2019). Validity and reliability of a Wi-Fi smart scale to estimate body composition. Health & Technology, 9:839-846.
  • Gomez DH, Bagley JR, Bolter N, Kern M, and CM Lee (2018). Metabolic cost and exercise intensity during activevirtual reality gaming. Games for Health Journal, 7(5), 3010-316. PubMed: 30325233


  • Bagley JR and CM Lee (2020). Laboratory Experiences in Exercise Physiology (1st Ed.). Kendall-Hunt Publishing, Dubuque, IA.
  • Galpin AJ and JR Bagley (2016). “Chapter 11: Torso Exercises”. Strength Training (2nd Ed.) National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA), Lee E. Brown (Editor). Human Kinetics, Champaign, IL. Pages 241-266.


  • KIN 355 - Science, Sport & Fitness
  • KIN 482 - Exercise Physiology
  • KIN 555 - Exercise Testing & Prescription
  • KIN 683 - Advanced Exercise Physiology
  • KIN 781 - Muscle Physiology

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