Fall 2023 Drop-In Group Advising Sessions (All students are welcome)

In-Person Meetings (Gym 117a)

Zoom Meetings (Link:

Thursday February 16: 1-2pm Friday February 17: 12-1pm 
Thursday March 30: 1-2pm  Friday March 17: 12-1pm
Thursday April 20: 1-2pm  Friday April 14: 12-1pm
Thursday May 18: 1-2pm  Friday May 12: 12-1pm


Fall 2023

Advisor list is for declared Kinesiology students or Athletic Coaching minors. Click the link above to search for your assigned advisor. You may find your advisor by your last name and last 4 digit of your student ID #. If your information is not on the advisor list, please email

Click the link above to access the list of office hours for all teaching faculty and lecturers. Office hours are subject to change. 

Newly Admitted Students

If you are a newly admitted student, we highly encourage you to get connected with your advisor as early in the semester as possible. 

Basic Information

How to schedule an appointment

To schedule an appointment with your advisor, please contact them via email. All faculty office hours and contact information can be found in the main office in GYM 101. If your advisor is the Department Chair or Associate chair, please see the front desk in the main office in Gym 101 or call (415) 338-2244, to schedule an appointment with the Chair or Associate Chair.

Cancelling an appointment

We highly suggest that you inform your advisor at any time if you are unable to attend your appointment. Appointments with the Department Chair or Associate Chair can be cancelled through the main office front desk in GYM 101 or call (415) 338-2244. Please be courteous of our advisor's time as they are busy throughout the semester.

Documents to bring to your appointment

  • Degree Progress Report (DPR) – Can be accessed via student center, on the left drop down menu. Please have it available with you either electronically or printed.
  • Unofficial transcripts of credit you have received from another institution, if not on your DPR. Examples are college courses, AP credits, military credit. Please have it available with you either electronically or printed.
  • Advanced Standing Evaluation (ASE) if applicable. You can get a copy of your ASE at the Registrar's office; it is not available on line.
  • Current class schedule. Please have it available with you either electronically or printed.
  • Questions or concerns

How often should I see an advisor

It is recommended to meet with an advisor every semester to ensure that you are on the right pathway to graduation. Keep in mind that the busiest time to meet with an advisor is during the beginning and end of the semester, and is the most difficult time to schedule an appointment. We recommend that you meet with an advisor during the middle of the semester when our advisors are the most flexible.

General Education Advising

Our faculty advisors only advise students on major requirements. For general education advising, please see a general education advisor at the following departments: 

Quick Question Advising

For quick question advising, please email Also check our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Pre-Kinesiology Advising

The Kinesiology Peer Advisers are trained student advisers committed to providing resources, guidance and information to undergraduate Pre-Kinesiology and Kinesiology students. 



Instagram: @sfsu_kin_advising 

Peer advisers can assist students with general questions related to the following:

  • Major Pre-requisites
  • Applying to Kinesiology
  • Important Dates and Deadlines
  • Transferring Major Courses
  • Enrolling in a Capstone Course
  • Applying for Graduation 
Peer Advisors Ryan, Elena, Savanna and Arliz

Are you Ready to Graduate?

As an undergraduate student, you must have completed 90 units to be eligible to apply to graduate.  

Please visit the SFSU's Registrar's Website for the complete steps for applying for graduation.