Capstone Courses

Kinesiology students concentrating in Exercise and Movement Science are required to complete 3 units from the following list of capstone courses.

No priority registration allowed. You must obtain a permission number from the instructor to add the course. Please below the instructions below.

KIN 696 Community Based Internship

1. Contact the director, Dr. Walsh, 1 semester in advanced if you are interested in enrolling in KIN 696.

KIN 697 & 698 Senior Research Seminar and Project

  1. You must fill out the graduation application prior to enrollment. Follow the department graduation procedure for guidelines on filling out your graduation application. This process usually happens at the beginning of each semester. Advisors and department chair will not sign applications during winter or summer break. 
  2. Bring your APPROVED (must be approved by your advisor and dept chair) graduation application to class anytime during the first 3 weeks of school to receive an add code. Graduating seniors will be given priority. You must still attend class even if your graduation application hasn't been approved yet. 
  3. If you are a double major, you must still fill out the graduation application but are not required to submit it to the registrar’s office.

KIN 699 Independent Study

  1. You must contact a faculty who is currently doing research and get permission from the instructor to be accepted as their research assistant. Note: The instructors on record are not necessarily doing research.
  2. Complete a petition for independent study and obtain signature from your instructor.
  3. Submit your petition to the Kinesiology Main Office in GYM 101 for the department chair’s signature.
  4. Once approved, you will be emailed a permission code to add the course.