Pre-Physical Therapy/Occupational Therapy Club

At the Pre-PT/OT Club at SF State, we aim to build a community of pre-professionals. Students in kinesiology (or any health-related major), want to take the PT/OT route, and are lacking resources/networking to be successful due to COVID restrictions. As students pursuing this route, the Pre-PT/OT Officers want to reach out to their fellow students to assist them towards their dream career goals! We have a lot of resources to share, like helping students identify which classes fulfill PT/OT school prerequisites, resume/interview assistance, how to study for the GRE, how to earn observation hours, and a pre-PT/OT mentorship program!

Membership Details

Fill out a quick Qualtrics survey to be added to our official roster.

About club meetings: 

  1. Occurs monthly
  2. Will be organized as workshops
  3. Aims to guide students through the PT/OT application process; assist in professional development

Current Officers 2021-2022

President - Arliz Herrera

Vice President - Hila Barnea

Treasurer/Head Social Media Coordinator - Emily Huang

Secretary - Chelsea Sakai

Social Media Coordinator - Isabel Mayfield

Social Media Coordinator - Danielle Ho-Vuong

Contact Us


Instagram: @sfsupreptot

What Classes Do I Need to Take at SF State If I Want to Become a Physical Therapist?

Course Guide made by Liam Henson and Jose Gonzalez-Mejia

These admission requirements are based off from schools such as UCSF, USC, Samuel Merritt & University of the Pacific, but most PT schools will accept the following requirements as well. It is your responsibility to check with your desired school for their required and recommended courses. This document is a guide to have a sense of direction, but it is still your job to check requirements.