Omar Headshot

Omar El-Kurd

Location: Gym 111A

Omar is currently a Teaching Associate in the Department of Kinesiology and a member of the Muscle Physiology Lab. In his final year of Master’s work his research is focused on cardiovascular implications for ultra-endurance athletes. He also works actively with the Exercise Physiology Lab to administer exercise testing for the SFSU community.


•    El-Kurd, O. B., Bialy, P., & Kirkes, M. (2023). What about hybrids? Supplemental methods for skeletal muscle fibre typing. The Journal of physiology, 601(2), 251–252 PubMed: 36448550


•    KIN 189: Weight Training: Beginners
•    KIN 191: Individualized Weight Training
•    KIN 250: Introduction to Kinesiology
•    KIN 483: Exercise Physiology Laboratory