Matt Lee

Matthew Lee

Phone: (415) 338-2182
Location: Gym 131

Dr. Lee's research focuses on clinical exercise physiology and autonomic nervous system control of the cardiovascular system; validation of exercise monitoring devices. Techniques utilized include heart rate variability, heart rate recovery, and baroreflex sensitivity.

Selected Publications

  • Myles, J. & C.M. Lee. Influence of Different Recovery Modalities on Basketball-Related Performance Tasks. Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research (In review).
  • Lee, C.M. R. Seligman, M. Kern. The Influence of Aerobic Exercise Frequency on Heart Rate Variability. Presented at American College of Sports Medicine Annual Meeting, San Diego, CA May 5 Published in Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, 47: 5, 2015.

  • Lee, C.M., A. Mendoza. Accuracy of Handgrip Sensors to Measure Heart Rate During Rest and Exercise. Journal of Physical Activity, Sports and Exercise, 1(1): 60-66, 2013.

  • Lee, C.M. and A. Mendoza. Dissociation of heart rate variability and heart rate recovery in well-trained athletes. European Journal of Applied Physiology, 112(7): 2757-2766, 2012.

  • Ghiya, S. and C.M. Lee. Influence of Alternate Nostril Breathing on Heart Rate Variability in Non-Practitioners of Yogic Breathing. International Journal of Yoga, 5: 66-69, 2012.

  • Lee, C.M., Gorelick, M. & Mendoza, A. Accuracy of an infrared LED device to measure heart rate and energy expenditure during rest and exercise. Journal of Sports Sciences, 29: 1645-1653, 2011.
  • Lee, C.M. Fundamentals of Exercise Physiology (Online Textbook). Great River Learning, Dubuque, IA. (2017) ISBN: 9781680752298.

Courses Taught

  • KIN 482: Exercise Physiology

  • KIN 742: Exercise and Cardiovascular Dynamics

  • KIN 746: Clinical Exercise Physiology

  • KIN 755: Exercise Electrocardiography, Testing, and Prescription