Maria Veri

Maria Veri

Phone: (415) 338-1746
Location: Gym 141

Research Interests

My research interests include examining gender, race, and politics in sport; how critical pedagogy and social justice can transform teaching practice and student learning; and the intersection of food, sport, and identity from a cultural studies and historical perspective.

Research Descriptions

I am currently at work on a book about tailgating culture in the United States with Dr. Rita Liberti of CSU East Bay. For this project, we are presenting a cultural history of tailgating; analyzing cultural representations of tailgating in cookbooks, tv and film, social media, and advertising; and discussing the lived experiences of tailgaters, all with a focus on masculinity, football, and food practices.

I recently completed a book chapter on the history of the Oakland Raiders and Raider Nation in the context of Oakland city politics. This chapter will appear in a SF Bay Area sport history anthology, to be published in early 2017 by University of Arkansas Press.  I am also researching and writing about the American dairy industry’s use of celebrity male athletes in its advertising and promotional campaigns of the twentieth century.

Select Publications

  • Veri, M.J. (in press). “Sons of Oakland: The Raiders and the Rais/zing of a City.In R. Liberti & M. Smith (Eds.), San Francisco Bay Area Sport History, Little Rock, AK: University of Arkansas Press (expected publication date: early 2017).
  • Veri, M.J. (2016). Got Athletes?: The Use of Male Athlete Celebrity Endorsers in Early Twentieth-Century Dairy-Industry Promotions. Journal of Sport History, 43(3), 290-305.
  • Willard, J., Walsh, D., & Veri, M.J. (2015).  The Kinesiology Career Club: Undergraduate Student Mentor Perspectives on a Physical Activity-based TPSR Program. The Physical Educator, 72(2), 317-339.
  • Burns, K.A. & Veri, M.J. (2015).  A Queer Analysis of HBO’s Flight of the Conchords. Journal of Gender Studies, 24(6), 605-620. 
  • Veri, M.J., & Liberti, R.M. (2013). Tailgate Warriors: Exploring constructions of masculinity, food, and footballJournal of Sport & Social Issues, 37, 227-244.
  • Walsh, D., Veri, M.J., & Scobie, D. (2012).  Impact of the Kinesiology Career Club: A TPSR-based possible futures program for youth in underserved communitiesAgora.
  • Veri, M.J., & Walsh, D. (2012).  Intersections between Sport Management and Youth Development. Journal of Physical Education and Sports Management, 3(4), 50-55.
  • Zieff, S.G., & Veri, M.J.  (2009). Obesity, health, and physical activity: Discourses from the United States.  Quest, 61, 154-179.
  • Veri, M.J. (2006).  Etched impressions: Student writing as engaged pedagogy in the graduate sport management classroom.  Quest, 58(4), 444-465.
  • Veri, M.J.  (1999).  Homophobic discourse surrounding the female athlete.  Quest, 51,355-368.


  • Kin 322 Sport in America
  • Kin 457 Culture, Gender, & Movement
  • Kin 490 Introduction to Sport & Fitness Management
  • Kin 502 Sport & Social Issues
  • Kin 504 Sport & Exercise Psychology
  • Kin 510 Sport, Movement, & Screen Culture