Kinesiology Student Association

The Kinesiology Student Association (KSA) at San Francisco State University provides kinesiology students with opportunities and experiences that facilitate professional growth and development in the areas of Exercise and Movement Science (EMS) and Physical Education (PE). The Association is dedicated to informing all students about the field of kinesiology, career opportunities, and professional programs for kinesiology majors. This information helps individuals in the program to better understand what can proceed after a Bachelor's degree. The association also provides a networking system, where kinesiology majors can associate with peers and have fun at the same time. Active membership in KSA is a rewarding and worthwhile commitment, as members are committed to providing services to both the university and surrounding community. Our goals are to promote interaction and cohesiveness among kinesiology students, present career and professional information related to kinesiology, and to provide access to campus and leadership opportunities.

KSA Past Events

Course Monitors for Giants Half Marathon

Finish Line Volunteers for Nike Women's Half Marathon

Careers in Kinesiology Research Exposition

National Physical Activity Day

SFSU Night at AT&T Park

Physical and Occupational Therapy Night

Graduate School Extravaganza

Kinesiology Graduate Recognition Ceremony 

Membership Details

All Kinesiology Students at SFSU are considered student members of the Kinesiology Student Associations, but in order to be an active member you must attend three events/meetings per semester. As an active SF State KSA member you will receive updates on current academic opportunities and events of the Kinesiology Department, opportunities to work closely with Kinesiology Department faculty, and have voting rights regarding events that take place during the semester, the opportunity to become an officer for the following academic year, and apply for scholarships that KSA may provide.

KSA Upcoming Events for Spring 2021

Career Nights:

  Health Professions Night

  Health & Wellness Night

  Holistic Health Night

Graduate School Extravaganza 

Virtual Research Exposition

Virtual Graduation

Current Officers 2020-2021

Co-Presidents: Courtney Coomes & Kiersten Banke

Secretary/Treasurer: Sydnie Tabayoyong

Social Media/Digital Media Coordinators: Lily Hawkins, Cynthia Banuelos, & Isabelle Gutierrez

Career Night Coordinators: Ace Gimenez, Sarah Dang, & Lauryn Davis

Kinesiology Student Association Members on zoom

Contact Us

Facebook: SF State Kinesiology Student Association

Twitter: @SFSU_KSA


Instagram: @ksasfsu