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Anthony Mayo


Dr. Anthony Mayo is a Lecturer-Faculty member in the Department of Kinesiology at San Francisco State University. He earned a PhD in Kinesiology (Emphasis in Motor Learning and Development) from the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, MA degrees in Kinesiology (Emphasis in Human Movement Science) and Education (Emphasis in Instructional Technologies) from San Francisco State University, and a BA in Psychology from the University of California, Los Angeles. He teaches courses in motor behavior as well as courses that cross the various kinesiology sub-disciplines. Dr. Mayo’s research interests include understanding: (a) how perceptual information influences the control of movement, (b) factors that cause some individuals to experience visually induced motion sickness (VIMS) when playing active virtual reality (VR) games, and (c) factors that influence the development of skill in sport. 
Interested in helping students develop a sense of belonging as well as leadership skills, Dr. Mayo has advised the Kinesiology Student Association and has helped them organize events such as Careers in Kinesiology, the Kinesiology Research Expo, the Graduate School Extravaganza, and the Department Graduation Ceremony. In addition, he has provided students with undergraduate teaching assistant opportunities. Students whom he mentored have been accepted into graduate schools in California (e.g., UC San Francisco, UC Davis, University of Southern California, CSU-Fresno, CSU-Long Beach, San Diego State University, Mount Saint Mary’s University, and Samuel Merritt University) and out-of-state (e.g., Boston University, Brown University, Columbia University, New York University, Northwestern, Tufts University, University of Michigan, University of Minnesota, University of Puget Sound, and University of Washington). His students have attended graduate programs in careers related to Kinesiology such as physical therapy, occupational therapy, medicine, nursing, public health, and sports management. Dr. Mayo currently serves as the Kinesiology Alumni Event Coordinator where his goal is to reconnect alumni and Emeritus-Faculty with the Department.

Representative Publications

Anderson, D. I., Magill, R. A., Mayo, A. M., & Steele, K. A. (2020).  Enhancing motor skill acquisition with augmented feedback.  In N. J. Hodges and A. M. Williams (Eds.), Skill Acquisition in Sport (3rd Ed.). London: Taylor and Francis


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Mayo, A. M., Wade, M. G., & Stoffregen, T. A. (2011).  Postural effects of the horizon at land and at sea.  Psychological Science, 22 (1), 118 – 124 


Representative Presentations

Mayo, A. M., Bolter, N. D., & Anderson, D. I. (2022). Topics in motor behavior and sport and exercise psychology: A hub for undergraduate integrative research capstone courses. NASPSPA Annual Conference, Waikoloa Beach, Hawaii – May 26-28, 2022


Mayo, A. M., Salter, T., Morales, G. D. Y., Ratter, S. A., & Bolter, N. D. (2021). Impact of COVID-19 restrictions on physical activity behaviors among college-aged undergraduate students. NASPSPA Annual Conference, Virtual – June 9-11, 2021 (Research with undergraduate students)


Mayo, A. M., Anderson, D. I., Burshteyn, D., & Liu, K. (2020). Perceptual recalibration as a window to understand motor skill transfer and learning. NASPSPA Annual Conference, Virtual – June 11-14, 2020 (Research with undergraduate students)


Mayo, A. M., Anderson, D. I., & Stoffregen, T. A. (2018). Animated instructional presentations can cause symptoms of motion sickness. NASPSPA Annual Conference, Denver, Colorado – June 21-23, 2018


Wong, A., Gomez, D., Parfet, W., Mayo, A., Bolter, N., Lee, M., Kern, M., & Bagley, J. (2017). Exercise intensity and simulator sickness during active virtual reality cycle games. Southwest ACSM Annual Meeting, Long Beach, California – October 20-21, 2017


Mayo, A. M., Anderson, D. I., Rieser, J. J., Kruse, B., & Pick Jr., H. L. (2017). Perceptual-motor recalibration provides a window into motor skill transfer. NASPSPA Annual Conference, San Diego, California – June 4-7, 2017


Mayo, A. M., Rieser, J. J., & Pick, Jr., H. L. (2013). Visual information influences people’s adjustments of “comfortable” stepping speed. NASPSPA Annual Conference, New Orleans, Louisiana – June 13-15, 2013


KIN 250 - Introduction to Kinesiology

KIN 251 - Success in Kinesiology (course deactivated)

KIN 330GW - Becoming a Kinesiologist (course deactivated)

KIN 384GW - Research Methods in Kinesiology

KIN 486 - Motor Learning

KIN 487 - Motor Development

KIN 690 - Internship in Fitness and Wellness

KIN 697 - Integrative Research Seminar

KIN 698 - Senior Research Project

KIN 736 - Advanced Neuromotor Control