Nicole Bolter

My research focuses on understanding how participation in sport and physical activity can be a growth experience for children and adolescents, including the role coaches, parents, and peers play in shaping youths’ motivational processes and life skill development. The goal of my work is to inform how physical activity contexts can be structured to enhance young participants’ psychosocial and behavioral outcomes.

Jimmy Bagley

Dr. Jimmy Bagley is an Assistant Professor of Kinesiology, and Director of the Muscle Physiology Lab, Co-Director of the Exercise Physiology Lab, and Research Director of the Strength and Conditioning Lab at SF State. Dr. Bagley teaches exercise physiology courses and his research interests include: muscle physiology, advanced cellular imaging techniques, and sport performance enhancement.

Susan Zieff

My research focuses on social justice and equity issues associated with physical activity access, opportunity and level of engagement. I have several lines of ongoing research as well as areas of scholarship that are in beginning stages. I have conducted research at the local, national and international levels, and have ongoing collaboration with numerous partners. My research has largely been at the population-level (i.e. policy and environmental change) in alignment with current thinking recommended by federal agencies (e.g. CDC) and leadership organizations in the field (e.g.

David Walsh

David Walsh specializes in physical activity-based youth development programs in underserved communities. He conducts research projects to investigate the development, implementation, and evaluation of these programs through various qualitative and mixed methodology studies.

Marilyn Mitchell

Dr. Mitchells primary research interest is to investigate assistive devices and practices in improving rehabilitation of upper extremity disabilities, and the tenents behind motor control and learning. You can find her in the Neuromuscular Control Laboratory (Gym 100B).



Maria Veri

Research Interests

My research interests include examining gender, race, and politics in sport; how critical pedagogy and social justice can transform teaching practice and student learning; and the intersection of food, sport, and identity from a cultural studies and historical perspective.


Matthew Lee

Dr. Lee's research focuses on clinical exercise physiology and autonomic nervous system control of the cardiovascular system; validation of exercise monitoring devices. Techniques utilized include heart rate variability, heart rate recovery, and baroreflex sensitivity.