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Mission Statement

The Department of Kinesiology at San Francisco State University has as its mission to enhance theory and practice, scholarship and service, about, in, and through human movement and physical activity. The students and faculty study the various forms of physical activity in the context of daily living, classroom, rehabilitation, fitness and health pursuits, competitive and artistic domains. Continued.

Kinesiology Program Student Learning Outcomes

SPRING 2015 Important Dates & Deadlines

Event Date Information
First Day of Instruction 1/26/2015  
Add with Permit Number 1/26-2/6 Student must see instructor for permit number
Drop W/O a W 02/06/2015  
Late add w/ Exception 2/7-2/20  
Graduation Application Deadline 02/20/2015 Please see the guidelines
Withdrawal Deadline 04/24/2015 Withdrawal Policy & Form


Faculty Search: TT/T