Exercise is Medicine on Campus (EIM-OC)


Exercise is Medicine (EIM) on Campus at SF State aims to increase awareness about the holistic benefits (cognitive, emotional, physical) of physical activity to the student body. The organization is committed to providing educational information and events that include non-invasive physical composition assessments, and campus/community resources to begin/remain physically active. Additionally the organization stands to promote healthy behavior changes in students and recognize behaviors that lead to chronic diseases.

Learn more about EIM, a global health initiative: exerciseismedicine.org/


Membership Details

Commit to attend an EIM event once a month. Check our Instagram page @exerciseismedicinesfsu for more details.


Current Officers 2019-2020

President - Liam Henson

Vice President - Chloe Marr

Treasurer - Casey Henson

Public Relations - Chris Galdamez


Contact Us

Email: exerciseismedicine.sfsu@gmail.com

IG: @exerciseismedicinesfsu