About Us

Welcome to the Department of Kinesiology

Thank you for visiting the Department of Kinesiology’s website of San Francisco State University. While exploring our website, you will see that the department has a wide array of academic degree programs, faculty, and projects. Founded in 1926, the Department of Kinesiology is one of the most established programs of study at SF State. We offer two concentrations for undergraduate students: 1) Exercise and Movement Sciences, and 2) Physical Education; and three concentrations for graduate students: 1) Exercise Physiology, 2) Movement Science, and 3) Physical Activity: Social Scientific Perspectives. Students receive a comprehensive, high-quality education in Kinesiology and are encouraged to be physically active and develop fitness and skill in a variety of activities. Graduates leave the program prepared to pursue further graduate study or to embark on careers in fitness, physical education, coaching, community programming, sports medicine, sport management, and the broad field of allied health.

We have approximately 14 full–time faculty members and a number of part-time lecturers. Many of our faculty members have training in kinesiology and others have training in related fields, reflecting both the interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary nature of the kinesiology field. All faculty members are engaged in research and/or community projects. We invite you to get to know our faculty better by viewing the profiles on this website, and contacting individual faculty if you so choose.

Thank you again for visiting our website. Should you have any questions, please contact individual faculty members or write to our department office staff at kinesiol@sfsu.edu


Kinesiology Vision Statement

The Department of Kinesiology is committed to providing an outstanding education that highlights the integrated nature of the body of knowledge that defines Kinesiology and prepares students for a diverse range of careers or advanced study.  We strive to prepare graduates who are intellectually curious and civically minded, who are grounded in the historical, philosophical, cultural, pedagogical, and scientific foundations of the field, who are adept at analyzing physical activity, and who can apply their knowledge and skills to problems that confront contemporary society. Students and faculty study various forms of physical activity in diverse populations and contexts, including sport, pedagogy, exercise, performance, rehabilitation, youth development, and activities of daily living. Our students are exposed to state-of-the-art methodologies and technologies and are provided with many opportunities to engage in hands-on learning, research, and community service. In addition to providing students with an excellent education in Kinesiology, a core objective is to educate the public about the value of physical activity, to promote engagement in physical activity, to contribute to the knowledge base in Kinesiology, and to shape the development of best practices in the field.  We embrace collaborative work within the Department, with other Departments and Universities, and with community partners. Consistent with the values of the College of Health and Social Sciences, we are strong proponents of equity, social justice, and environmental sustainability.