Undergraduate Programs

Undergraduate Programs


Bachelor of Science: Exercise and Movement Sciences

Students interested in biomechanics, exercise physiology, motor control, motor learning and development, sport and exercise psychology, sport history, sport sociology, socio-cultural studies of physical activity, urban youth development, and physical or occupational therapy. Qualified students will be equipped with the skills and knowledge needed for advanced study in any of the above-mentioned domains or for employment in fitness settings, physical activity programming, the sports media, sports industries, and as consultants for agencies developing sports policy



Bachelor of Science: Physical Education

The physical education concentration prepares students for entry to a teaching credential program and graduate related studies. The courses of study satisfy California State requirements for the Subject Matter Program in Physical Education and the departmental standards for competence in the subject matter of Physical Education. This degree emphasis will prepare students for advanced studies in physical education for elementary, middle and high schools. In addition, students who wish to pursue graduate studies will be well prepared to do so.




  • Must be at least sophomore standing to apply (must have at least 60 units by the time you are admitted to the major)
  • Must have minimum overall GPA of 2.0
  • Should have completed as many of the recommended courses as possible, in addition to the University Admissions requirements. Students who have not completed these courses before transfer application will have difficulty making progress towards their SF State degree in Kinesiology. 

Recommended Courses:
*These courses are not used for admission decision. Must pass with a grade of "C" or better.*

  • BIOL 100 & 101 or BIOL 230: Human Biology & Lab or General Biology I
  • BIOL 220 or BIOL 328: Human Anatomy (Lab included)
  • MATH 124: Elementary Statistics
  • KIN 250: Introduction to Kinesiology

Additional Recommended Courses (for Exercise & Movement Science concentration only):

  • PHYS 101 & 102: Conceptual Physics & Lab OR PHYS 111 & 112: General Physics & Lab
  • CHEM 101 & 102: Survey of Chemistry & Lab OR CHEM 115: General Chemistry (Lab included)
  • BIOL 212 & 213: Human Physiology & Lab

Deadline and Application Process

Please follow the instructions below on how to apply to our major. Although we no longer require a supplemental application, we are still an impacted major and decisions are made based on percentage of students that we can accept.

Spring Admission Application: August 1 - August 30
Fall Admission Application: October 1 - November 30


1. Submit official Cal State application from October 1 - November 30. You will be admitted as “Pre-Kinesiology".
2. During your sophomore year, you will submit an application to apply to the major (see instructions for Current SF State Continuing Students).

Current SF State continuing students (non-Kinesiology and Pre-Kinesiology students)

(Continuing students who have earned between 40-96 units or more may apply to the Kinesiology major. Students with 96 or more units can only change to Kinesiology with an exception form signed by the Kinesiology advisor. A departmental approved Change/Declaration of Major after Accruing 96 Units must be turned in to Main Office Gym 101.)

1. Submit the following forms to the Kinesiology main office in GYM 101.
             1. Declaration/Change of Major Form
             2. Additional Information Form
Please indicate the concentration to which you are applying to (i.e., Exercise and Movement Science or Physical Education).

Transfer Students

1. Submit official Cal State application and indicate the concentration to which you are applying (i.e., Exercise and Movement Science or Physical Education).
2. Submit all documents to complete the SF State application to:

            San Francisco State University
            Undergraduate Admissions
            1600 Holloway Ave,
            San Francisco, CA 94132


Be sure to check emails from Admissions for directions and deadlines. You can also check your application status here. Transcripts must include Fall grades (Do not submit transcripts to Kinesiology Department; send directly to Admissions).

For inquiries about the impaction process or admission into Kinesiology contact Angelina Wong (email: Kinesiol@sfsu.edu).