Bachelor of Science: Physical Education

The BS Degree in Kinesiology with an Emphasis in Physical Education prepares students for advanced studies in physical education for elementary, middle and high schools and entry into a teaching credential program and graduate related studies. This course of studies satisfies state requirements for the Subject Matter Program in Physical Education and for departmental standards of competence in the subject matter of Physical Education.

Physical Education Curriculum


Adapted Physical Education- Added Authorization

Adapted physical education is an individualized program of developmental activities, exercises, games, rhythms, and sport designed to meet the unique physical education needs of individuals with disabilities. Adapted physical education is an active program of physical. It supports the attainment of the benefits of physical activity by meeting the needs of students who might otherwise be relegated to passive experiences. In establishing adapted physical education programs, educators work with parents, students, teachers, administrators, and professionals in various disciplines. Adapted physical education may employ developmental, community-based, or other orientations and may use a variety of teaching styles. It takes place in schools and other agencies responsible for educating individuals.


A Specialist Credential in Adapted Physical Education can be achieved by completing the courses along with the Subject Matter Credential in Physical Education.

Prerequisites (12 units)

  • KIN 487 -Motor Development (3 Units)
  • KIN 485 Biomechanics (3 Units)
  • KIN 580 Instructional Strategies for Middle and High School PE, Grades 6-12 (3 units)
  • KIN 581 Practicum in Middle and High School Physical Education (1 units)
  • An instructional analysis course upon the advisor’s approval (2 units)

Recommended Course Schedule:

  • Fall Semester
    • KIN 536: Movement for Individuals with Mild Disabilities
    • KIN 539: Motor Assessment of Individuals with Disabilities
  • Spring Semester
    • KIN 537: Movement for Individuals with Severe Disabilities
    • KIN 538: Therapeutic Exercise
    • KIN 630: Internship in Adapted Physical Ecuation


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